The Region of Valencia: A new way of doing business

After years of struggling with the economic crisis, the Region of Valencia has reclaimed its place as one of Spain’s best places for business. And with a new government committed to sustainable growth, the innovative region is betting on international cooperation and trade.

Malta: A tradition of making history

If the world were a Venn diagram, Malta would be in the central portion where the circles of influence overlap. As a Commonwealth member boasting one of Europe’s fastest growing economies now taking over the EU presidency, Malta is set for a key role in the Brexit process and continued growth.

Maldives: Paradise found

What was once an isolated nation in the Indian Ocean has become an international hub. Thanks to its strategic location, international airports and port, Maldives is now an important link on global travel and trade routes. As the country’s economic growth continues, getting to and around Maldives is growing easier by the day.