Media Partners

Die Welt

One of Germany’s most influential and authoritative daily newspapers, Die Welt is available in more than 130 countries. Founded in 1946 by British occupying forces who wanted to publish a quality newspaper in Germany modelled on The Times,  it has gone on to become one of the country’s most respected and independent newspapers. Today it is self-described as “liberal and cosmopolitan” and is active in developing associations for high quality journalism, such as LENA (Leading European Newspaper Alliance) and the EDA (European Dailies Alliance).

*Daily print circulation: 85,300
*Monthly online readers: 20.56 million

New York Times

The United States’ newspaper of record, The New York Times is one of the world’s most highly read and influential periodicals. Published from New York since 1851, the newspaper has won more of the prestigious Pulitzer Prizes than any other media organisation. The daily newspaper is distributed throughout the United States and internationally, reaching millions of readers worldwide, both online and in print. Committed to both the highest standards of journalism and innovation, its influence has skyrocketed in the digital age with millions online subscribers.

*Average print circulation- 590,000 (Monday-Saturday), 1.1 million (Sunday)
*Paid digital subscribers- 2.3 million

Gulf News

Gulf News is the mostly widely circulated newspaper in the UAE and has the highest audited circulation of any English newspaper in the Middle East. The daily publication is distributed throughout the Gulf Region and provides relevant local and global information to an influential audience. The publication contains sections for news, business, sport, entertainment and opinion. Published from Dubai, it was first launched by prominent UAE businessman in 1978 and remains a widely trusted and respected newspaper today. With a significant online readership as well, Gulf News has been ranked by Forbes Middle East as the number one online English newspaper in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

*Daily average print circulation: 109,905
*Monthly online unique visitors: 2.3 million

The Guardian

The Guardian is one of the UK’s leading newspapers and one of the leading English newspapers on a global scale. Strongly committed to journalistic freedom and liberal values, it is well-respected internationally and famous for several significant scoops. It has been named Newspaper of the Year four times at the British Press Awards, recently won a Pulitzer Prize and was ranked as the UK’s most trusted newspaper by the UK’s Office of Communications.

*Daily print circulation: 161,191
*Monthly online unique readers: 34.7 million

Time Magazine

Since it was founded in 1923, TIME Magazine has been one of America’s most informative and authoritative news magazines. With the world’s largest circulation for a weekly news magazine, it has millions of affluent readers around the globe who turn to its award-winning coverage of health, science, politics, business, society and entertainment. Along with its strong journalism, the magazine is famous for its Person of the Year and Time 100 features. Besides the American edition, TIME also publishes editions in Europe, Asia and the South Pacific.

*Weekly print circulation: 3,028,013
*Total U.S. audience- 17,400,000